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About CMC

Collaborative Medical Concepts develops and distributes innovative medical products by leveraging a network of the world's top medical facilities, research institutions and manufacturers at every step of the product life-cycle. The CMC Management Team has a successful track record in launching new products ranging from Endoscopy Products, GI Stents; Retrieval Devices; IV Products, Cardiac Products, AI Software, SaaS Platforms, and General Medicine.

From concept to regulatory approval and every step between — CMC guides each product concept through an intensive process of review and refinement. We tap into the top minds in the medical industry to help analyze, inform and revise the product as CMC conducts a detailed market assessment and strategy.  This often includes a clinical trial to validate product features and claims. 


Once the market assessment is completed, CMC develops a go to market campaign and distribution strategy.   This may include forging a relationship with an OEM market leader to take the product to market or set-up a medical distribution channel.     

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